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Earlier this year we released a few new features to simplify privacy controls in the app. Today’s update brings them together into a Private Search mode, which you can easily enable from the Recent Tiles window to make privacy even more accessible to you.


Beautiful Cat

In addition, we made several improvements to our search results. First, we made image search a lot smarter. You can read about all of the improvements to image search here. Second, we’re making video snippet previews in the app viewable inline, so you can continue looking through your search results while the snippet is playing.

Third, we’re making it easy to launch apps directly from search results. You can now go beyond web search and find what you need in your favorite apps. Let’s say you’re searching for a movie. As expected, you’ll find familiar links to IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and other sources of content related to the movie. In the Bing app, you can also launch the right app directly from the results page instead of clicking on web links. This is just a beginning, and we’re excited to continue making it simpler for our users to navigate between web and apps with little friction.

Crazy Animals


Finally, we were happy to see several new emojis in the iOS 8.3 update, since we made it possible for our users to search the web using emojis last year. Now you can search using the newly added emojis as well as the old ones.

Fire Ant

As ever, we look forward to hearing your feedback on where we’re taking the iPhone app.

– The Bing Team

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