Celebrity Watchers Rejoice: Snipp3t Now Available on iOS

We are excited for you to be among the first to try out a brand new mobile app we built on the Bing platform that’s available today in the iOS App Store.

SNIPP3T (pronounced “snippet”) is an app that lets you stay up-to-date on the celebrities you care about most. Building on Bing’s massive knowledge repository containing information on billions of people, places and things, we were inspired to build a custom app specifically targeting one of the areas we know people search for most often – famous people.

Whether we admit it or not, most of us love to follow what’s going on with our favorite celebrities. From social media, YouTube, entertainment news sites and celebrity bloggers, there’s certainly no shortage of sources out there. Unfortunately, today we have to jump from site to site or toggle through a galaxy of apps to get the full scoop. While we can find the big stories, it can be difficult to see how different snippets of news are related to one another.



SNIPP3T lets you explore not only news but also images, videos, social mentions, and individual profiles of over 10,000 celebrities – all in one app. Harnessing Bing, SNIPP3T understands relationships between various stories, knows what’s trending, and cuts through the noise to give you a focused, comprehensive and beautiful view of celebrities that matter most to you.


We worked hard to simplify how you discover celebrity news. For instance, we noticed that in many cases, people perform the same search for their favorite celebrity day after day. So we automated that for them. With SNIPP3T, you can subscribe to people of interest and view a personalized stream of headlines related to them.



We also noticed that you explore multiple sources and forms of content when tracking celebrities.  Your sources range across social media, YouTube, and traditional entertainment web sites. Instead of jumping across multiple browser tabs and apps, with SNIPP3T you can scroll through individual stories to get all relevant content– news articles, photos, videos, and social mentions — in one place.



Finally, we made sure that it was easy for you to connect with other like-minded fans to discuss the latest news. You can like, dislike or comment on every story, to engage in conversation with other fans. You can also see who of your friends from Facebook are on SNIPP3T, and explore their list of subscribed celebrities.

SNIPP3T had its roots in a hack day, when a small team building the Bing News experience decided to do things differently. We have more to share so please follow us on twitter @snipp3t.

–          Donald Soon and The SNIPP3T Team

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