Bing Adds More Entities: Food & Drugs

Recently, we highlighted work we are doing to enrich our knowledge repository with the addition of 150 million doctors, lawyers and professionals to Snapshot on the Bing results page. Today we are taking it a step further with the addition of glance-able information on food and drugs.


Who discovered aspirin? What are the risks associated with aspirin? What is the chemical formula? Now in a quick search you can explore more about a given drug directly within the Snapshot frame.



How many calories are in a banana? How about Vitamin C and Magnesium? Similar to how you can consult the side of a box in the grocery aisle, Bing now showcases nutritional information for common foods directly in the Snapshot experience.


We’re continuously updating Bing to not only reflect the web but also the people, places and things that make up the real world.

– The Bing Team

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