Search and Taxes

Let’s face it, unless you are an accountant or work for the IRS, tax season probably isn’t a time of year you look forward to. In fact, a recent survey by Bing and Impulse Research revealed that one in four people would rather clean their house from top to bottom than file their taxes. While it’s not one of people’s favorite things to do, taxes is one of the most commonly searched topics, with spikes for tax-related searches starting in January and continuing through April.

When we looked at the spiking searches related to taxes, we realized that the vast majority of people were looking for one type of thing: tax forms. This makes sense given almost two thirds of U.S. citizens file their own taxes. With that insight in mind, we set out to make finding, accessing and downloading forms as streamlined as possible.

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When you search for tax forms or IRS forms (the most common tax related searches) you’ll see an optimized user experience providing you with instant access to tax forms and related documents. If you know which form you’re looking for (e.g. 1040) we show you relevant information and quick links but if you don’t know where to start just type in “tax forms” or “IRS forms” and we show you the most commonly searched-for forms. We also surface useful information at a glance, including where to mail your taxes or where to e-File. We’ve also upped our game on the web relevance side, providing you with authoritative and relevant web results on filing your taxes.


But there’s more to taxes than forms. That’s why we’ve created a one-stop-shop for all your tax needs at From search tips and tricks, to instructional videos, to a little tax humor, can make the season a little less, ahem, taxing.

Happy filing!

– Simone Berkower and Turker Keskinpala, Bing Relevance Team

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