Verify Your Social Persona with Bing and Klout

These days a person’s digital identity typically consists of a handful of social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With so many different profiles, it’s become difficult for people to control how they appear in the internet in one place.

To help people manage their presence online, we’ve teamed up with Klout to create Bing Personal Snapshots. An expansion of People Snapshots introduced this past March, Klout-Verified Snapshots allow people to influence how they appear within the Snapshot column on Bing. Basic information is drawn from a person’s connected LinkedIn profile, while also displaying links to their Twitter, Facebook and Klout profiles. Once a Snapshot has been claimed, a profile will include a ‘verified’ badge.


As part of the update, we’ll also display Top Klout Moments, which show a person’s most influential posts from Twitter and Instagram inside the Snapshot. The appearance of these moments can be controlled on Klout, and as always, we respect the same privacy controls in place from the social networks these are drawn from.

To claim your Snapshot visit Klout and start managing your presence online today.

– Aaron Yuen,  Bing Social Program Manager

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