Join Bing and Brit Morin to Discuss DIY, Tech and Tips for Finding Inspiration

Inspiration is all around you – from paint colors and home accessories, to fashion trends and natural surroundings – but sometimes it can be hard to see it. Technology is another place to look for inspiration and ideas. From sleek laptops and stunning apps, the way tech influences your life can help uncover ideas for design or DIY projects. Brit Morin of Brit + Co. will join Bing on Wednesday to share some of the ways she finds inspiration and uses technology in her design and DIY projects.


Brit is the Founder and CEO of Brit + Co, a lifestyle technology company connecting makers with creative inspiration. Through content, commerce, and community, Brit + Co. attracts people – from Millennials to Baby Boomers – looking to find quick and easy DIY projects and connect with other makers. Brit finds her sweet spot at the intersection of tech and DIY and is combining her experience at Google and Apple with her passion for making and teaching. When she’s not coming up with inventive ideas to share with her fellow makers, Brit can be seen on the TODAY Show as a regular DIY and lifestyle contributor.

To participate in the chat, all you have to do is follow @Bing and @brit, and be sure to include the hashtag #BingIt in all your tweets on Wednesday, September 25 from 12-1 pm PT.

–The Bing Team @Bing

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