Find it Faster with Bing Product Search

At Bing our central mission is to help you search less and do more. To that end, we’re constantly looking for ways to make your search experience more efficient. One of the central ways we do this is by better understanding what you are trying to get done and removing clicks and navigation that might stand in the way. With that in mind, we’re introducing a new product search experience that does just that.

Harnessing the depths of our index encompassing tens of millions of individual products and trained by advanced machine learning, Bing will now show you relevant products directly in the main results page. You no longer need to waste time navigating to a dedicated “shopping” experience to find what you’re looking for. Based on your intent, we’ll serve the best results.

For example, if you are in the market for a new camera. Simply enter “dslr camera” and you will see a category snapshot with the top dslr cameras. You might have heard about a specific Canon model, you click on the <Canon EOS 6D> and you will see our new Carousel so you can quickly browse other related products that might be of interest and then narrow down the selection that best meets your needs. We’re also bringing the power of our industry leading Snapshottechnology to expose more of the details you need for a specific product, like specs and reviews, to make a decision without having to click to another page.

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If you want to purchase the product, we present you with two easy options. First, product pricing and availability directly from the merchant themselves will appear right inside search results in what we call Rich Captions. So if Target, for example, has the product you’re looking for, and that link appears in search results, Bing will show you their price and availability information. Another way Bing helps is through new product adswith photos and pricing that provide you the ability to quickly see offers from merchants across the web.

This new product search experience will roll out over the next few months as we fine tune things and continue to improve the logic to determine when we show products. You will still see the older shopping experience on Bing during our transition. What do you have to do? Nothing – just keep searching as always and let us handle the rest.

Happy shopping!

– The Bing Team

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