Bing Searches Arrive on Klout

Today Klout announced that the number of times someone searches for you on Bing now contributes to your Klout score.  This is interesting because someone could be influential but not necessarily active on social media.  As they mention in their blog post, Warren Buffet has only tweeted three times but his influence is enormous and that is reflected in Bing. Someone who is famous or influential on a topic is far more likely to be searched for than someone who isn’t. 

New Klout and Bing Line

So the more times a friend, acquaintance or even you (admit it, you’ve done it) searches your name on Bing the more influence you will rack up on Klout. To check it out for yourself, start searching for yourself or people you know.   If you don’t see your score immediately check back as we have more in store in the coming months.

– Aaron Yuen, Bing Program Manager

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