Bing Finance Tracker for Excel

Bing and Office have partnered on one way to bring the power of live internet data and the security of a local app together with the My Portfolio template. The template is available for free in the Office Store for use with Excel 2013. You can use it to track specific stocks and funds in your investment portfolio with quotes, charts, and all the latest news, creating a tailored look to surface the data that matters most to you. It’s a great example of how Bing is about more than just a search box.

Traditionally, the internet has been a place to find information that stands apart from the places we tend to use that information. That is, rather like a dictionary or encyclopedia, the information found on the internet is often taken offline into other parts of our lives, whether it is a Word document or a conversation with a friend.

But that model is changing. At Bing, we are powering more and more experiences that take place outside of a web browser. Whether it is one of the Bing-powered apps on Windows 8 or an API, like our translation service (now featuring Klingon!), Bing can organize and move information from the web into non-browser experiences so that you can use it in context. For the My Portfolio template, it is about financial data in the context of your own portfolio, and it is just another way that Bing is about more than just traditional search.

– The Bing Team

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