Try it, You’ll Like it! Bing Challenges You (and Topeka) to Bing it On

Change can be hard, even uncomfortable, but according to a recent Bing survey*, 93 percent of people say they are open to trying new things, while 45 percent say it can even be a refreshing experience. Are you ready for something new? With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to mix up your routine and try something new. Step out of the box and join the nearly 25 million others who in the last nine months have visited the Bing It On challenge site. In search we know that people prefer Bing over Google for the web’s top searches** yet many people still use Google out of habit. By taking the challenge, you just might find that you prefer Bing and can break your old habit for good.

Today, we’re excited to announce the next wave of the Bing It On Challenge. The challenge is simple – search for five queries of your choice and compare the unbranded web search results from Bing and Google side-by-side. For each search result, you pick a winner or declare it a “draw”, and at the end of the five searches we show you the winning search engine. With the newest version of the Challenge site, in addition to search results, you’ll get to learn about a new homepage every day, rollover video preview and instant translation all on the same site – some of our unique features that give you even more reasons to fall in love with Bing.

Additionally, we are launching a new nationwide campaign showing what happened when residents of Topeka, Kansas, the city that famously renamed itself Google in a bid for Google Fiber, took the Challenge and gave Bing a try. You’ll see these new ads popping up on TV and online over the coming weeks. Check out how our latest man-on-the-street segment went down:

Since launching the tool, we’ve heard people say how impressed they were with Bing’s results and some even noting surprise when they realized they picked Bing over Google. See for yourself today at

– The Bing Team

*The survey was conducted online with a random sample of 1,006 men and women, 18+ — all members of the Impulse Research proprietary online panel. Research was conducted in April 2013. The overall sampling error rate for this survey is +/-3% at the 95% rate of confidence.
**Based on a comparison of web search results pane only; excludes ads, Bing’s Snapshot and Social Search panes and Google’s Knowledge Graph.

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