Bing Fund Buzzing with BuzzTable

Today, we are excited to announce that we’re making a strategic investment in BuzzTable!

BuzzTable is a suite of services catering to restaurants and guests alike. They do this by removing the friction and letting each side focus on what’s important to them. For restaurants, improving the quality of the engagement using data; for guests, finding exactly what they want, quickly, using an app.

One of our favorite customer app features is the ability to track where you stand in the wait list. No more letting hunger drive you to awkwardly hover around the host to make sure your turn is promptly honored. But they are much more than that. No other company in this space has the level of services that BuzzTable provides for guests: visual menu while you wait, unlocking optional loyalty rewards, and sending private real-time feedback directly to the restaurant.

For restaurants, the analytics BuzzTable provides are priceless. Using real-time data, they have proven to seat up to 28% more waiting guests, capture customer data to create guest profiles and personalized offerings, all while improving the collective guest experience in the process. They also just released a dashboard experience giving restaurants a bird’s-eye view of the data that matters most.

As you can see, BuzzTable offers a full course menu, not just a series of entrees. Over the next few months, Bing Fund will be working closely with the team to see how we can help scale and improve what is already an outstanding set of services.


And now the 18-sec version for the truly time-challenged:

– Aya Zook, Bing Fund

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