Bing Gets More Klout

People, places and things all have attributes that are keys to understanding what you’re looking for. Just like a bridge is long, a painting is impressionist, and a mountain is tall, people have certain characteristics, some of which are easy to catalogue, like height or profession, and others are more challenging, like Influence. That’s why we announced a relationship last September with Klout, to help us add this important attribute to Bing’s description of certain people

We are excited to announce that Bing has added Klout scores to the information it displays about professionals and celebrities who are active on social networks or have a commanding web presence. So now, when you look for information on a coworker, you will see their Klout score, right next to information from their publicly available LinkedIn profile information, as well as links to their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Now, you can gain a better understanding of the areas your friends, coworkers and even celebs might be experts on. 


Also, today Klout is adding Bing as a connected network, along with Facebook, Twitter, Flikr and others, on Klout for the purposes of influence ranking. This is the first time Klout has added search as a signal for influence.  When you think about it, this makes perfect sense.  Someone who is famous or influential on a topic is far more likely to be searched for than someone who isn’t.  We think this young category of influence measurement is an interesting one, and we are pleased to be doing such interesting work with Klout.

Bing Connect Screen

Go to Klout and connect Bing as one of your connected networks.  And go to Bing and see how you and your friends are showing up.

– The Bing Team

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