Happy Pi Day!

As you might imagine, March 14th has a special place in our hearts here at Bing. To celebrate, we decided to take a peek into what people were searching for when it came to math and Pi. Here’s some of the interesting things people were searching for in the past few days leading up to 3.14.13.

  1. Pi may be the most celebrated math term, but the Quadratic Formula is the most searched, followed closely by the Pythagorean Theorem
  2. Nate Silver’s accurate election predictions have earned him a spot among math’s elite as the top searched mathematician on Bing. He’s followed by Pythagoras, and Hypatia.
  3. 3.14 may be the most celebrated digit, but most Americans just want to know what it is.The top Pi related search is, ‘What is Pi?’

Top math related searches

  1. Quadratic Formula
  2. Pythagorean Theorem
  3. Pi
  4. Riemann Hypothesis

Most searched mathematicians

  1. Nate Silver
  2. Pythagoras
  3. Hypatia
  4. Gauss
  5. Cantor

Pi related searches

  1. What is Pi?
  2. Pi Day jokes
  3. Symbol for Pi
  4. Digits of Pi

Now, we understand that not everyone works on search engines so you don’t have to be Archimedes. For those of you who lean closer to Martha Stewart, here’s how Bing can help you bake a perfect circular treat.

Just search for your favorite flavor of pie, let’s say “rhubarb pie”, and get easy access to recipes, reviews, ingredients and directions from some of the leading cooking sites like Food network, All Recipes, and others right in the search results.

Bing will also show images of pies and related photos from Facebook friends so you can get their recipe, or compare and make sure that Rhubarb pie looks just right. After all, in order to make the perfect pie what better place to start than Pi?

– The Bing Team

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