Bing Fund Welcomes Sonar

March is full of excitement and promise. Spring is just around the corner and people are beginning to get restless. As Austin readies itself for the geek-stampede that is SXSW Interactive, it seems a fitting time for this announcement. It will be an occasion for us to once again have the pleasure of hanging out with the Sonar crew led by founder, Brett Martin.

Over the years, we have crossed paths with Sonar across the land of tech probably more than any other startup. Whether it was TC Disrupt NYC, PSFK NYC, at our own epic pop-up gallery, SMW, and most recently Xconomy NYC, wherever we went, it seemed that the cool little periscope was right there with us. We would bring each other up to speed, and talk about “hey, wouldn’t it be cool to work together?” And go our separate ways until the next serendipitous encounter.

This is why we’re particularly excited about today’s announcement that Sonar will be part of the Bing Fund.

Utilizing tech in an innovative and unique way is a quality the Bing Fund champions, like many investors and accelerators do. But the prospect of working with people we respect and trust, and love hanging out with, is just as important when we consider companies to work with. Sonar hits all the right cords for us and we can’t be more excited that they agree.

Okay, time to pack for SXSW, reconnect with old friends and forge new relationships.

If you’ll be there, look us up!

– Aya Zook, Senior Program Manager, Bing Fund

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