Bing Fund Welcomes LikeBright

We believe technology is most powerful when it helps people solve problems. Search is designed to help us find relevant information that both expands our understanding of the world and helps us more quickly get things done. Similarly, social media allows us to cut through the physical limitations of keeping in touch with the people we care about by breaking down the barriers of distance and time. These solutions are simple, yet powerful.

In keeping with this idea, we believe our newest Bing Fund inductee has the potential to fill a void experienced by millions – finding a match online. Today, we’re excited to announce the addition of LikeBright, a matchmaking startup, into the Bing Fund.

Based in Seattle, LikeBright takes an innovative approach to online dating by infusing the power of social into what has traditionally been a solitary activity. Say goodbye to endless questionnaires and interactions with total strangers. By enlisting the help of your trusted network, friends and family can now help people meet their friends’ friends and match friends up. Because, just like in the real world, who’s better to help you meet the right person than somebody who knows you well?

To celebrate today’s announcement, LikeBright is kicking off a contest to find the World’s Best Matchmaker, where winners will be rewarded with a number of cool prizes. For more thoughts from the LikeBright team and additional contest details, check out their blog post.


–  Aya Zook, Senior Program Manager, Bing Fund

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