Modern Image Search Arrives on Bing

A few months ago, we launched a new more modern experience for Bing Image Search. We cut out the white-space and clutter to make room for big, beautiful pictures from across the web. Since then, we have kept on working to make pictures shine on Bing. Starting today, we’re rolling out a brand new way to make it faster or more simple to explore imagery on Bing.  Now when you click an image, we don’t waste your time loading a new page or force you to dig through a bunch of clutter. The new design loads quickly placing the image center stage. 

To see it in action, just try your favorite image search– we suggest cute puppies, Antelope Canyon, or the Carina nebula. When you find a picture you like, just give it a click, lean back and enjoy.

Big and Beautiful

We completely redesigned the image viewer, putting the spotlight on the picture and stripping out anything that got in the way. We “dimmed the lights” around the photo, adding a darker look that makes it easier on the eyes and lets the results shine in high definition. Simply click on the main image to navigate to the original source web page.

Old vs. New                                                                              

We even introduced full-screen mode: just click “View larger” to give it a try.

Seamless Browsing

We know that one picture isn’t always enough. With the new design, we’ve made it easier than ever to browse through your results, with the introduction of larger filmstrip at the bottom of the screen. You can click the big arrows on either side of the picture to go forward or back, or just press the arrow keys ( and ) on your keyboard. 

Lightning Fast

The new design doesn’t just look great – it’s also much faster. We rebuilt our viewer from the ground up focusing on speed improvements so you can see a picture immediately, without wasting time waiting for the page to load. And when you want to go back to your results, just click the X to close it.

Old vs. New                                                                                                                                                                      


Preview Sites Before Clicking Through

We’re always striving for a clean, simple experience. But under the hood, Bing has all the power tools you need to find the right result.

For example, you might find a picture you like and wonder where it came from. With our new Page Snapshot technology, we give you a convenient preview. This lets you see if the webpage is helpful and make sure you trust it before you visit.

If the current picture isn’t quite right, Bing can help narrow it down. Just click “more sizes” to find a bigger version, or “similar images” to find more pictures like it.

We hope you love the new image viewer. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it in the comments or on Twitter (@Bing.) Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more updates.

—Jon Noronha, Program Manager, Bing Image Search

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  1. gohan16ken

    Here are some additional improvements I would like. First, thank you for updated Bing Desktop to work on Windows 8. Now update the Bing Modern app to automatically daily change your lock screen. I am tried of manually doing it myself. Next, bring voice search to Bing.

  2. Beany

    It's getting really old with MS always treating everywhere else as second class. Bing maps is only actually good and useful if you're in the US. For most of the world it's useless. You don't even treat Europe on the same level, which is a bigger market. When you do updates like this, it's always for the US first and who knows when everywhere else gets its. Same with your Surface, i'm in the UK and don't even have the option to buy blue, red or pink Touch Covers, just boring white or black. It's like this with so much of your stuff. Your competitors do a MUCH better job.

  3. Teja Swaroop Arukoti

    Its very nice! :) Cool features :)

  4. Rockstar 123

    Can't microsoft innovate something of their own? They tried to copy apple design in windows[vista,7,8].

    Now in webspace, here they are clearly copying 's design.

    Shame on you microsoft

  5. ymala1

    Seriously speaking, I like bing, I like it's features, I like having an alternative to Google. But what's absolutely sad, and quite honestly annoying is hell, is how it takes you guys ages to roll your features out worldwide.

    I hate having to go to preferences every single time and selecting 'United States' in order to get a half decent search experience. If you actually expect anyone but the most committed to go to that much trouble, you guys are nuts. You need to give users the best experience with the least amount of resistance in order to have a tiny smidgen of a chance in this market, and you guys don't do that, preferring to shoot yourselves in the foot instead. Over, and over again.

    You'll notice however, Google doesn't have this problem. A feature once announced will usually get rolled out to my region within the day.

  6. ymala1

    Tried it. Sure enough, features aren't live yet. Here's to hoping we see it within the month. (If we're lucky)

  7. johnnygud

    Sorry, but the Image popup is pretty ugl, why is it a modal popup? why then not just use the WHOLE screen area… theres also no touch support. And there's no sweet animations.

  8. RPDP11

    Looks nice, well done.

    But: all the features are USA only. I am in Germany and hardly any new feature of bing works here. Shame.

  9. goukiman

    Good grief the "new" image search is horrible.  It doesn't allow for ctrl+clk to open in new tabs, it costs time in getting to actual webpages by forcing you to play around in their pop-in window (make all pop-in's go away!), and frankly, it's driving me away from Bing regardless of their rewards.  If people like the new search, good, but let people who do heavy use the option to use the old, much more efficient, search tool.

  10. LarryNG

    Thank you for the improved Bing images results!! The previous layout worked well enough, but the new layout is very much better (no more popup images, filmstrip gives a larger preview, website preview lends an idea of whether to visit or not, and the darker background gives good contrast). Excellent!

  11. Maddy134

    Cool pics i would like to see these kind pics.

  12. NeverGoogle

    This is very nice! However, you can add all the features you want but Bing is never going to catch up to Google in terms of market share. Like I've said before, if you really want to hurt Google's business, you Bing folks have to GIVE ADVERTISING AWAY FOR FREE. That more than any new feature(s) you add will have a profound negative impact on Google's business. Bing is already bleeding money for MSFT so you might as well go for Google's jugular.

  13. Salman Khan

    NIce Pics:)

  14. goukiman

    Hello all,  there doesn't seem to be any thread to voice opinions on the new image search.

    The new search is so unproductive and poorly designed for those of us who would use it on a more "professional" level it is guaranteed to drive those of us away–regardless of Bing Rewards.

    The pop-in window is abysmal, slows results, and costs productivity.  The ability to Ctrl+Clk is a necessity for those of us who work on large projects–we need to have the ability to quickly launch multiple tabs or windows from one interface, as the old search interface allowed.  The pop-in window halts all speed and functionality for production oriented results, and like Google's horrible interface, forces an extra click on users just to get to the webpage the results are located on (which is needed for those of us who have to give credit to source material).

    I am not much for forums, they never seem to produce any viable results–just a lot of infighting, however, I recieved three phonecalls from friends in graphic arts complaining about the new Bing Image Search (since I convinced them to switch from Google) and they are not going to use Bing anymore.  I am posting this in a last ditch effort that a difference may be made.

    I am not "bad mouthing" anyone who likes the new image search, I'm glad there is something you like–but there are those of us who simply cannot abide by this new, slow and clunky, interface.  Please Microsoft/Bing, give us options for continued use of your product.



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