By Popular Demand: Introducing Bing Homepage Daily Downloads

Over the past few years, you’ve let us know that you like the iconic Bing Homepage. In fact, many of you like it so much you’ve asked for a simple way to download the daily image to your computer*. We heard you loud and clear. Today, we are pleased to introduce an easy way to download the Bing Homepage Image of the day.


Now when you visit Bing you’ll see a download icon at the right hand side of your screen.


Simply click on the button, connect with Facebook and you can download the image to your computer. We also offer a new way for you to view the homepage in full-screen mode, by clicking the intersecting arrows.

We hope you enjoy the images and please keep providing feedback. We’re listening!

– Stephanie Horstmanshof, Senior Managing Editor, BingStudios

* This feature is currently available to users in the United States.

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  1. Dinasis

    As ludicrous as this might seem, I don't have a Facebook account. I do have multiple Microsoft Accounts. If I have to log into ANYTHING, why not one of those?

  2. gcoupe

    We have to have a Facebook account to be able to download a Bing picture? Which bright spark thought that one up?

    A requirement to have a Microsoft Account, I can understand. Having to have a Facebook account, I cannot.

  3. andem

    I see the Bing logo is added to the images as a kind of watermark. Fair enough.

    Are these images owned by Bing?

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