Veronica Belmont, Co-Host of Tekzilla and The Sword and Laser, Joins #BingIt this Wednesday

Tekzilla and The Sword and Laser co-host Veronica Belmont will join this week’s #BingIt chat on Tuesday, June 19 from 1 pm – 2 pm PDT , where we’ll talk tech, sci-fi, movies and more! Veronica will also discuss her favorite new Bing features – which bring together the best of search with relevant content from your Facebook friends and experts across Twitter – and how she uses them to search for the latest news on her sci-fi obsessions, ask for her friends’ opinions on hot new games and movies, check in with fellow tech experts and more.


Veronica is the technology and gaming-crazy host of Tekzilla, a weekly tech help and how-to show, and The Sword and Laser, a science fiction and fantasy podcast and community. To participate in this week’s #BingIt, follow @Bing and @Veronica and tweet out your questions and comments with the hashtag #BingIt. To sweeten the deal, we’ll give away two $50 gift cards to two lucky participants, chosen at random. Hope to see you there!

The #BingIt Team

  • Kari Dilloo – @karidilloo
  • Ted Roduner – @roduner
  • Ingrid Camacho – @ingridcamacho
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