Bing and Yelp Help You Do More with Local Search


As one of the web’s leading local listing services, Yelp is a great resource that helps connect you with local businesses and restaurants. Scanning reviews from real people can often make the difference between the perfect night out and wishing you had stayed in. At Bing, we’re dedicated to helping you do more, so we are pleased to roll out increased Yelp coverage in Bing search results. Starting today, people in the US will begin seeing even more rich Yelp data in Bing’s snapshot (the center column) and relevant Bing Local pages allowing you to scan reviews at a glance or dive into rich content such as photos and restaurant reviews.

john howie bellevue wa  - Bing SERP

John Howie Bellevue - Bing Local

With this increased integration, Bing can offer fresher and more reliable reviews so you can do more in your local area.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

– Gurpreet S. Pall, Partner Engineering Manager, Bing

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