Qwiki Arrives on Bing


Today you will start to see Qwikis in Bing Search results. What are Qwikis? Qwikis are interactive presentations combining images, videos, maps and spoken narration. In other words, Qwikis are a gateway for further exploration that offer a unique, visual experience to help you quickly get information and do more. With features like snapshot, which we introduced with the recent Bing redesign, we made it easier to takeaction directly from the results page. With Qwikis and other visual elements in Bing, we’re helping people decide what they want to do by creatively exposing them to information that might otherwise take them awhile to find.

A seamless user experience is of the utmost importance to Bing, and the integration of Qwikis follows our design philosophy of not making the page too “heavy” while getting you efficiently to the information most relevant to you. With that in mind, Qwikis feel like a natural part of the search results column.To interact with a Qwiki simply click on the play button under a Wikipedia entry in the Bing search results.


This will launch a Qwiki giving you a dynamic way to interact and learn about a given topic or more often than not present new information avenues to explore. Researching a destination or a recording artist? You now have a multitude of ways to dive in by simply clicking what sparks your interest within the Qwiki.


In the video below, Stefan walks us through how people can interact with information in this innovative experience:

Initially, Qwikis will appear alongside Wikipedia results, with deeper integration to follow in the coming months.

With Qwiki integrated into search results, Bing is continuing to redefine search to deliver an experience that helps people go from searching to doing. The integration of Qwiki will continue to evolve with the experience of search so that the user is always given an enjoyable and productive experience.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Stay tuned for more from us as we continue to partner with leading companies to help you go from searching to doing.

– Franco Salvetti, Principal Development Lead, Bing

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