Our Latest Release: Your Questions Answered

Earlier this week, Robert Dietz and Nate Buggia joined Laura Foy in the Channel 9 studios to discuss all things related to the release of Bing.com/New.. Nate and Robert provide an overview of the changes and answer questions that you have posted regarding the release.

Check it out

– The Bing Team

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  1. MatthewMk2

    Excellent video, thanks very much for posting it. It's nice to hear that you're working hard on bring the new Bing to users outside the US.

  2. lmmatoso

    It's a little strange to see the presentation of a product through  the competition. In other words; use Chrome to present Bing? Stupid thing!!!

  3. Vicente Conrad

    Next time better use IE  :)

  4. iui4

    Who cares what browser they are using? At least they aren't using Google.

    Its all about Bing.

  5. Jusfitu

    Nice presentation on the new release for ‘Bing.’ It was refreshing and informative to hear ‘Laura’ present question(s)  from customer(s) feedback being addressed and by ‘Robert’ and ‘Nate’.

  6. Tagus

    On the Chrome comments, no one has mentioned the iPhone by the ThinkPad. :-)

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