Bing Bar 7.1 Rolling Out: Connect with Facebook Chat, Listen to Slacker Radio, Get Relevant News and Search Faster

We’re constantly looking for ways to make Bing Bar more useful. The primary way we do this is based on how you are using the product- which features are used most, which aren’t being used. You’ve told us that you love the clean look, convenience, and quick performance of Bing Bar. You also told us that the app buttons we delivered in Bing Bar 7.0 and subsequent releases were valuable and useful.

Today we are excited to release Bing Bar 7.1. This new release, based on your feedback, provides richer access to your social connections, new entertainment options, and updated versions of the most popular Bing Bar apps.

Below is a snapshot of the new features and benefits shipping with Bing Bar 7.1, which new users can download at the Bing Bar page on Discover Bing. If you’re already a user of Bing Bar 7.0, you’ll get the upgrade automatically delivered to you over the next few months. Can’t wait? You can always upgrade manually via the link on Discover Bing.

  • Facebook Chat: Have you ever wanted to reach out and chat with one of your Facebook friends, but don’t have Facebook open in the browser? Now you can chat with your friends from wherever you are on the web. This complements the MSN Messenger app that we delivered earlier this year.


  • Slacker Radio: Listen to music, sports, news, comedy and more without interrupting your web browsing. Slacker has the most personalized content of any radio service.


  • Fresh News App: We’ve made the Bing Bar news app more visual and expanded news sources so you can focus on the topics that matter most to you. When news breaks, you’ll get an immediate notification right from the Bing Bar.


  • Search Suggestions: You often trigger a search from a web page you’re browsing. To make it even easier, the Bing Bar provides suggested search terms as you browse. We’ve expanded the sites and methods of suggesting searches, making it even easier to search via the Bing Bar.

    Note that not all features are available in all markets, but we’re working to expand our app offerings on a global basis. There are countless other improvements throughout Bing Bar 7.1 regarding notifications, configurability, and performance. We love hearing from you so keep the feedback coming, and look out for new apps in the coming months.

    – John Licata, Bing Bar Team

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