Share Your Whole World View with the Updated Photosynth App

Last spring we introduced the Photosynth app to the U.S. designed to let you capture and hare amazing panoramas of your favorite places. Since releasing the app, over 6 million people have downloaded it and we’ve been hearing amazing feedback from our users which range from professional photographers with DSLRs, avid photographers with point-and-shoots to novice photographers just getting started. Our favorite part has been enjoying the amazing panoramas from our users such as one from The Maldives, The Grand Canyon, or the Louvre. 

Since releasing the app, we’ve been listening to your suggestions and we’re excited to announce the newly updated app, available today in the Apple App store. In the latest version, we’ve made many performance optimizations specifically for users on iOS5, we’ve adding Twitter support to expand sharing functionality and we’re very excited to say that the app is now available globally.      

If you’ve taken panaroma’s – those seemingly endless super wide photos, you know how difficult they are to capture. One needs a tripod, the right cameras, the right software and a lot of time. Photosynth solves all of that and makes it easy for you to capture panoramic images of the people, places, and events that are important – or even just cool – to you. Not only can you make a panorama sweeping from left to right, but also up and down, enabling you to capture a full “sphere.” 

With the Photosynth app, you can easily capture 360 degree views of Hawaiian skies and watch Photosynth do its job of stitching together the clouds of different shades and hues. Imagine how difficult it would be on a DSLR to line up the right edges of clouds and matching their exposure levels.


With Photosynth, you can:

·         Capture Full-Sphere Panoramas: Look and capture in all directions more easily than what most of us can do with DSLRs and point-and-shoot cameras.

·         View immediately: With fast On-Device Processing, you can see the final panorama in a few minutes, without requiring an internet connection or data plan.  Very handy for those impromptu panoramas and immediate gratification that you captured the perfect shot. 

·         Save locally and on the cloud:  Your panoramas saved on your phone can also be saved and viewed online at

·         Share immediately:  Share your panorama immediately via Twitter, Facebook or Bing Maps.

·         View in browser or app: Zoom, pan, and rotate your panorama in any direction through the Photosynth app or through the mobile browser.

Once you’ve created a panorama, the fun part is sharing it! Photosynth lets you share to Bing Maps or share it as an interactive experience or a simple image via Twitter and Facebook. You may even get lucky and be featured in the “Best of Bing Maps,” where we show off the best panoramas created using Photosynth.


Photosynth’s unique capture experience requires an iPhone 3GS, 4, or 4S, iPad 2, or iPod touch (4th generation). The Twitter sharing functionality is supported on iOS5 only.  Download the updated app and show us what you’ve got, and share it with the world on Bing Maps, Facebook and Twitter! We like your view on the world.

Javier Delgado, Senior Program Manager, Bing Mobile
Santanu Basu, Senior Product Manager, Local and Mapping, Bing



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  1. JohnnyNew

    How's that WP7 app coming? Seems like you are too busy supporting competing platforms then supporting your own.

  2. nhh

    Where is the Windows Phone version? It's pathetic not to support the own system…

  3. HingeThunder

    Agreeing with other commenters here, Windows Phone version would be much appreciated MS. I can't believe it isn't your lead platform now…

  4. Demburger

    Soo… How is the Windows Phone version coming along guys???

  5. The Bing Team

    We’re working to bring Photosynth to additional platforms and will share more as soon as we can. Your feedback is noted.

  6. BigSemy

    @Bing, It is absurd THAT you say this since 2 years. Be more creative and make a new standart answer ! NOTHING will happen ! That is so typically for Microsoft !

  7. nhh

    I am sure the next release for an "additional platform" will be the android version…

  8. astroXP

    What the heck Bing Team! Where is the app you PROMISED for Windows Phone? This is so UNACCEPTABLE and UNPROFESSIONAL. It's pathetic we're almost begging you to make an application for your OWN platform.

  9. BigSemy

    Google has 97 percent market share in Germany ! And Microsoft makes NOTHING to changed that!

    WHY even people on Windows Phone use google ?! Because of THAT. You do NOT care about your REAL users !

  10. JaJones

    I don't understand if the organisations within Microsoft have a competition to destroy each others work or what. Next time, windows phone should promote google as the superior service. Why should I buy a windows phone if I get better features/app from Microsoft if I buy a Apple device, Bing sponsers a couple of 3d games for apple so users can buy then for free, Bing makes a awesome app for iOS.

    And Windows Phone users get crappy apps full of commercials??

    In his blog,, Blaise Aguera y Arcas (distinguised MSFT engineer) said over a year ago (half a year before mango was released to the public) that windows phone did not have the low-level access that was needed to make it happen. If microsoft can't even work out to enable low-level access to your own operating system, well, you better stop right away.

    Also these silly responses "Your feedback is noted.". Seriously? If somebody had to tell you this, what have you been doing?

    If organisations within Microsoft don't care about THEIR products, why should anybody,

    Well done! You have done a great job!

  11. HankB


  12. mattym

    Y u no make windows phone version!!! The api's required have been out for ages!! No more excuses!! Release!!

  13. wpcitizen

    i dont know, after switching from iOS to WP7, i miss this app dearly on windows phone platform..where is the promised update guys?

  14. Bruno Horvat

    Showing us WP7 guys how well it works on iPhone is like kicking someone lying down. I am ashamed of recommending my friends to buy Windows Phones when even Microsoft itself doesn't support the OS more than this! Guess I should tell my friends to buy iPhones instead. Thanks for nothing!

  15. DropChris

    Microsoft, what the hell are you doing?  You don't make a dime off iphone, but you're wasting your time developing apps for their OS.  Where are the WP and Android versions of Photosynth?

  16. 3xbla

    Please check who is paying your funding!! Get a Windows Phone and Windows 8 app out ASAP.

  17. shahroom

    I spend all my time to convince people to use WP7 then look at this! Even Microsoft doesn't believe in this product… If you continue this way we should buy a Mac in couple of years, because MS will release new features in Office for Mac first??? Disappointed…

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