Bing Apps now available with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Today the Windows Team announced the availability of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview at a Microsoft event in Barcelona. The Windows 8 Consumer Preview availability, along with the opening of the Windows Store, will make exciting new apps available to everyone. Bing is part of excitement with three new apps now available in the Windows Store so the excitement is buzzing for us over here on the Bing team as well.

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview, ready for download, previews 3 Bing-powered apps: Finance, Weather, and Maps. Each Bing app was designed for touch devices and offers mouse and keyboard functionality. A key focus for us at Bing is helping people get things done more quickly and these visually organized, intuitive and dynamic apps do just that. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

The Weather app offers a visually beautiful preview of current weather conditions, helping you prepare for the latest conditions with hourly, daily and 10-day forecasts. Designed for Windows 8 and featuring rich, engaging weather images, the Weather app makes the content you care about available at your fingertips or via the click of the mouse.

The Finance app provides a quick overview of key market indices via a live tile and helps you stay on top of fast-changing market conditions, so you can make more informed financial decisions. Swipe or scroll through colorful charts for a quick read of the day’s events. Rich graphics also help you find the latest mortgage, auto and credit card rates.

The Maps app makes it easy to find the places you’re looking for and helps you get there faster. Quickly pinpoint the locations you care about, get directions, see traffic conditions and more— all with a few swipes or clicks.

We think these apps help showcase the endless new possibilities with Windows 8 and Bing. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

Brian MacDonald, Corporate Vice President, Bing Application Experiences Team

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  1. techknackblogs

    I downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and its really awesome. But maps doesn't works well with Singapore. Not able to map everything the way Google maps does…Its better if improved and mapped properly…

  2. Peter56

    Really nice, but is it possible to get the temperature in Celcius? In Sweden we use Celcius.

  3. Jonathan Yan

    Great job, Bing! All three apps are nicely designed. The best part is I don't even need to leave the Start screen to view any updated changes to the apps.

    What other apps are y'all working on? Travel? Auto? Recipes?

  4. The Bing Team

    @Peter56 Let me track down the answer to that question.

    @Jonathan Yan Stay tuned :-)

  5. paulhill35

    @Peter56 I just set my copy to Celsius, it's Charms->Settings then select Celsius from there.  Absolutely breathtakingly pretty app, needs the same kind of push mouse scroll the Start screen has though.  Ohh, spellchecking!

  6. jmlumacad

    Amazing! Can't wait to have Windows 8.

  7. ScottH

    I just started looking at these apps today with Windows 8.  Only problem is that I can't for the life of me find how to remove a favorite city after it's been added in the weather app.

  8. paulhill35

    @ScottH – update the apps from the Store, the updated weather app lets you set a favourite and remove cities

  9. liramotors

    Can I use this applications on my site using API ?

  10. Rahulsharma

    Thanks for sharing such a great news. I m very excited to use it on my window 8.

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