Bing is for Doing: Theophilus London’s Story

Following his widely buzzed about performance at the Bing Bar at the Sundance Film Festival, Theophilus London and Bing are unveiling the next stage of their collaboration today. London, a songwriter, rapper, and designer has performed at several Bing- hosted events and we are currently sponsoring his upcoming album, a collection of remixes of Timez are Weird These Days tracks.


In the next phase of the Bing is for Doing campaign, Bing will be highlighting stories of musicians over the coming weeks – first up is Theophilus and how he is creating and inspiring. In this video, which will appear in different lengths online and in movie theaters, Theophilus shares why he is not an overnight sensation, how important individuality is to him, and why he wants to inspire people to be better.


– Sean Carver, Bing

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