Out with the Old, In with the New: Bing Takes Stock of 2011 and The Year Ahead

A few weeks ago, we shared the top Bing searches for 2011 which captured a snapshot of the year’s most important people, places and moments in time.

With 2011 wrapping up and the New Year around the bend, we fielded a survey of over 1,000 U.S. adults on how they felt about 2011 and how they plan to ring in 2012. From resolutions to New Year’s Eve celebration plans, here’s what they had to say:


  • This was a year of ups and downs. According to our survey, 65 percent of 18-24 year olds were positive about 2011 and are hoping for much of the same in the New Year.
  • However, 45-54 year olds were slightly less optimistic – 76 percent said that it was a hard year and they’re hoping 2012 will be better. Regardless of your attitude, make 2012 the year for you. Whether you’re job-hunting, planning a move or making room for another family member, Bing.com will help you navigate the year ahead.


  • Losing weight is the top New Year’s resolution for both men and women (35 and 47 percent, respectively), while 32 percent of respondents noted that they don’t plan to make a New Year’s resolution at all! From mapping out a new jogging route to finding the latest exercise equipment or healthy recipes, easily find inspiration for all your weight-loss needs on Bing.


· While city lights and urban glamor are synonymous with New Year’s Eve, 44 percent of respondents indicated that they would most like to spend the holiday at the beach, in the mountains, or somewhere away from the crowds this year. If you want to get away, use Bing Travel to find the hottest New Year’s Eve deals.


Be prepared to see quite a few tablet computers floating around in the New Year – 34 percent of respondents indicated it’s the number one piece of technology they would like to buy in 2012, followed by a 3-D Television (24 percent). For all your technology shopping needs, check out Bing.com/shopping for deals, reviews and the latest in must have gadgets.


  • ·When asked which celebrity they would like to spend New Year’s Eve with 35 percent of people said Sandra Bullock, while Katy Perry ranked second with 14 percent, and Prince Harry came in third (12 percent).
  • George Clooney’s classic style will be guiding New Year’s Eve fashion choices for 46 percent of men this year, while the ladies will be modeling their choices after Pippa Middleton (33 percent).
  • Three of Hollywood’s leading ladies are the epitome of health and fitness, inspiring many to strive for the same. According to the survey, respondents plan to mirror their New Year’s resolution diet plans after Jennifer Lopez (26 percent), Gwyneth Paltrow (23 percent) and Jennifer Hudson (20 percent). And it’s no surprise that Jennifer Hudson made the list, as Weight Watchers – Hudson’s current role as celebrity spokesperson – took the crown for most searched diet plan on Bing in 2011.
  • Watching your favorite artist perform on December 31st is a great way to celebrate the New Year. When asked who they would most like to see, 20 percent of people said Carrie Underwood. Others top acts included Adele and Tony Bennett who tied for second place with 16 percent.
  • The eponymous holiday movie “New Year’s Eve” features an exhaustive list of stars celebrating the year-end holiday, but Katherine Heigl stands out as the one people would most like to party with this year (26 percent), followed closely by Sarah Jessica Parker (25 percent) and Ashton Kutcher (20 percent).

Happy New Year!

– Kari Dilloo, Bing

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