Something New on the Homepage!

Here at the Bing homepage team, we’re always looking for ways to bring you a little something special. Today we’re really excited to announce the first ever video homepage.

If you have an HTML-5 enabled browser, you now get all the beauty and intrigue of the Bing homepage with a little breath of life added. Users without a modern browser will continue to see the gorgeous still photography that we’re known for. Not getting the video and want to see what the fuss is about? Try downloading IE9 and going to

We won’t be programming a video every day, just when the mood strikes us.

While this first video is US-only, we’ll begin rolling the video homepage out to international markets in the next few months – so stay tuned.

If you’re interested in learning more about the evolution of the homepage and how the team chooses content, check out the following video.

Happy first day of fall!

Stephanie Horstmanshof

Bing Homepage team

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  1. Virtualawrence

    I noticed it renders a little differently on each browser, but it looks beautiful!!

  2. Albert1690

    It feels like I'm peeking through a pretty awesome window…hopefully you guys are in the mood for many times to come =D

  3. w-s

    Nice but doesn't work in Belgium (as of most items on Bing).


  4. landscape photos

    Indeed a very nice presentation. None of the HP images work in my MS XP. (Bing only) Frustrating. Although I bounce to Google Chrome & all is well. Hats off & well done!

  5. Lazlo Finkelstein

    This is so friggin awesome. As if the pictures weren't great enough. Just like the pictures, this is a reason for me just to leave the Bing home page in a full screen open browser window just to add relaxing beauty on the pc. And now its dynamic video. I saw the vid on the blog page withpreviews of upcoming videos. I can' wait. So much development effort to bring a little happiness and beauty to my pc, and I am grateful. Thank you, guys. It's the flavor of a screensaver, the functioonallity of a browser standing by and the accent of an aquarium or fireplace all in one. Just wonderful. ^^

  6. tim_acheson

    Wow! I had heard the news, but forgot and was taken by surprise when I got to work and launched my browser.

    Today's Bing background video is beautiful, and spectacular! I've tried it in IE9, as well as Firefox, and Chrome. It's smoothest in Internet Explorer.

    One question: WHERE HAS THE "LIKE" BUTTON GONE??????

  7. Tagus

    If anyone wants to see the still image with the Like button and the hotspots, go to Tools, (gear icon), F12 Developer tools, Tools menu, Change user agent string, Internet Explorer 8. Then refresh the Bing homepage.

    When you're finished, go back to the Developer Tools window, and click Tools menu, Change user agent string, Default. If you don't, every page will think you have IE8.

    Of course, we would like the button and hotspots in the video too. I think it's a Murphy's Law: Adding a feature creates requests for more features. :-)

  8. farmerswife

    AWESOME! Hope to see a lot more  like this :)

  9. jimaa

    It's beautiful. We can't wait for more exotic (how about Fargo? BIG Microsoft campus ;), colorful locations & upgrades that give the user more easy, quality options teaching how to use the dynamic pages to their benefit. THANK YOU! jimma

  10. dscammell

    Unfortunately, this doesn't work in Windows Phone Mango's HTML 5-enabled IE9 browser.

    When set to Desktop URL and Desktop Setting, I can see where it is trying to load the video element and can see the 1st frame (pic), but the video does not play nor go beyond that initial scene.

    When set to Desktop URL and Mobile setting, I see the autumn pic of the Grand Teton National Park.

    When set to Mobile URL and Mobile setting, I see the autumn pic of the Grand Teton National Park.

    When set to Mobile URL and Desktop setting, I see the old WAP page.

    Would love to show off your fantastic video home page on the go!!!!

  11. cubkyle

    The video doesn't seem to work in Internet Explorer 10 on the Windows 8 Developer Preview while in IE10 browser and standards mode. It works just fine if it's changed to IE9 mode.

  12. Andres S.

    thanks. looks great.  as a comment, personally I feel it goes a tad too fast, the clouds and shadows (in my case) distracting me… would love it if it went slower so I can do, well, whatever I want to do :)

    thanks again.

  13. sweetchildk

    What a cool surprise! It caught me off guard! Landscapes are my favorite and then the clouds started moving! Looking forward to more! Great job Bing!

  14. mxj

    I'm using IE9 and FireFox 6.0.2 and the video looks awesome in these web browsers. Will these features work with IE10 and Windows Phone "Mango" too?

  15. njc

    It doesn't work here. Hope this will be available for Belgium soon, because I think it is a cool feature.

  16. ryanoq

    This is a bad idea.  IE9 is the only browser where this renders smoothly. Firefox 6.0.2, CPU is fine but it doesn't display the images at the same rate as IE9 which looks fluid.  Google Chrome is taxing the cpu due to no hardware acceleration .  For a search engine home page, it would be wise to keep things as simple as possible.  Stick to static images until HTML5 and hardware acceleration are not an issue across browsers.  Again – BAD IDEA.  People are not interested in experiencing issues when they just want to search.  Are you trying to lose market share or seek bad press?  Think about it.  Whoever green lighted this – seriously – don't pull this again.

  17. ryanoq

    Causes my Firefox 6.02 to lag and become unresponsive until the tab is switched or closed.  Firefox is my main browser.  If I am going to experience issues like this when I go to Bing, I will use Google instead.  I am a huge MS supporter, but this is a bad move.  Search pages don't need "flash" – they need to do they job without getting in the way.  Part of Google's success was because of their minimal uncluttered design.  Bing is fine with the beautiful static images.  Anything more is pushing it.

  18. Salvadave

    but where are we looking at?

  19. Andre2012

    I really enjoyed the new video of the day feature, and I'm glad that it will not replace the picture of the day because I enjoy that too. One thing I noticed on the video was that there wasn't any hotspot locations that would bring up a quick tidbit of facts about the video as there would be for the picture of the day. I truly hope those little factoids remain — they are entertaining and stimulating and I would certainly miss them if they were to go.

  20. thegreyfalcon

    Stephanie, thanks for the beautiful homepage.  I save the background every day to use as my screensaver, but obviously can't do that today.  Any way to still get the JPG as a download (final image in the sequence)?  Regardless – keep it up!  AWESOME

  21. wdavidsen

    Anybody notice the car driving by?

  22. peinao

    Yay cloud! 😀

  23. Tagus

    @wdavidsen, after studying it for five minutes, yes. It's at the beginning of the sequence, on the far shore, going from left to right.

    @ryanoq, I think a "Prefer still image" setting would make both sides happy. (Having the page ask if the browser is IE9 or IE10 would displease both Firefox users who have dual-processor gamer rigs and IE9 users who have 8-year-old computers with Intel graphics.)

  24. zigg

    The only thing that would make this even more awesome would be if this was a video of lightning!

  25. SVSteward

    I was surprised this morning when I got to work and saw the full motion video. The clouds were moving and I was taken back for a bit. Great work!

  26. cbenson67

    What a lovely surprise!  I have always loved all the images and places they were photoed.  This full motion video is wonderful.  I will really be looking forward to the next days feature.  Thank you.

  27. rigo.rod

    I agree with Andes S.  Would like it more if it went slower.  Normal speed and perhaps with an option to turn on the sounds heard while the video was being taken.  Wind blowing the grass.  Water lapping.  Maybe the sounds of wildlife every now and then.

  28. enriqueta

    it's a very good idea! congratulations! but it shouldn't be US only…

  29. halleyah

    This is nice one.But its old tricks.Hope soon to see a new innovation idea from Bing Team Members.All the best you guys.

  30. Lazlo Finkelstein

    Another fine goregeous video. Thanks for making my browser & home page  beautiful. ^^

  31. Lazlo Finkelstein

    I should add the photos sure have been nice too.I don't know how you find and pick them, but it sure is top notch and wonderful eye candy. ^^ Thank you. :)

  32. ArashM

    I don't know where to suggest background pictures. But I wanted to request that we pay respect to Mr. Jobs and place his picture on the Bing Homepage for a day.

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