Calling Boston Startups: Bing Hosts Free “Findable and Fundable” Event with Venture Cafe

I actually grew up in the Boston area (go Red Sox!) so it’s with a collision of nostalgia and a sense of the future becoming reality I now embark on a project as part of the emerging Boston startup scene.

Through the kind folks at NERD (don’t you love it when a sexy tech building has the right name?) in Cambridge, Mass. we were introduced to the Cambridge Innovation Center. The CIC folks led us to the amazing volunteers at the Venture Café, and as a result we will be hosting the “Findable and Fundable” event there Thurs. Sept 15th 5-8 pm Eastern time.



Besides networking and free refreshments, the event will feature VC luminary Jacob Mullins of Shasta Ventures- early backers of  


Our very own SEO madman Duane Forrester will also be on hand lending startups advice on how they can become more discoverable. If you are around, please come out to the event.  


On the 16th, we will be visiting the MassChallenge Accelerator which promotes innovation by empowering novice entrepreneurs with resources, seed investment and education opportunities. Jacob and Duane will be on hand to give tech startups advice on funding and “find-ability.” MassChallenge has the impressive distinction of its 2010 class raising 90 million dollars in funding, so we are honored to be in their company.

Why do we love this stuff? Bing has had and continues to have the same challenges most startups face – getting people to believe in a new brand, getting customers to try a new service, the existence of competition, and what never gets old – the challenges of building a business.

The startup community feels the peril and exhilaration of a venture where everything is on the line, including credit cards and the next packet of ramen. Creativity in the face of adversity is the name of the game.

Anyway, Boston’s just the beginning of our startup adventures and you’ll hear more from my compadre Aya Zook and un-duplicable boss Stefan Weitz.

Betsy Aoki, Senior Program Manager, Bing

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