Bing Shopping: More Selection, Fewer Steps

Our goal at Bing Shopping is to help you find what you’re looking for in the fewest steps possible.  That starts with selection.  Over the past year, we have expanded the number available products by five times and added top brands like Nordstrom, ESPN, Tom’s Shoes, Sony Store, Babies R Us and Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Today, we are rolling out a set of features that will help you make shopping decisions even faster.

Refine Your Searches Faster

As the number of available products increase, we want to make sure you’re able to quickly find the information that is most relevant to you. Today the site includes filters on the left side of the page to help narrow down your search results by category, brand and price point. While these filters are great, you have to click through to the results page before you can start using them. To solve this problem, we removed a step and added the refinements directly to the search box. Now you can select as few or as many of the refinements as you want. For example, let’s say you are shopping for shoes. You start to enter shoes in the search box and see the following:

Sum #1 shoes

You can see the most important and most common filters directly in the search box. If you wanted to, you could click search and immediately see the results for shoes. But, maybe you are looking for shoes for your daughter. Now with a simple click you can select “toddler girls” next to “Department”:

Sum #2 shoes

When you view the search results, you see that Bing has pre-selected them in the left-rail refinements and also that the number of products to search through is much smaller:

Sum #3 shoes

Find Sale Prices

In addition to “refining on the fly”, we have also added product-level deals
to the site. Now when you search for products on the site, if a discounted price
is available, you will see it next to the listing. To help you find
deals, we added a ‘price reduced’ filter under the price refinement allowing you
to quickly filter results to only show the products with price reductions.

Price reduction #4

We know that some of you like to buy products from your favorite stores, so
to help with this we added a filter on the product page that sorts products by
the stores you know and love:

Jancy image #5

When you view a product, you can also find related items-ranging from
accessories to similar products:

Jancy image #6

Share Your Shopping Lists on Facebook

We also made a bunch of improvements to our shopping lists. To start, we
removed the limitation where you could only have one list. Now, you can create a
list for the cameras you are thinking about for your upcoming vacation and
another list for the random things you might buy:

Facebook 7

To help figure out which item to buy, you can share any of your lists with your Facebook friends to get their help in making a decision. Additionally, you can now select a subset of people to share your list with.  Instead of broadcasting to your entire network, you can click the lock button and get feedback from a select few:

Facebook 8

When you share your list on Facebook and your friends comment, you can see the comments right within Bing:

facebook 9

Finally, we know that sometimes when you start shopping, you may not know exactly what you want to buy. To help with this, we revamped many of our browse pages to make it easier for you to browse products, whether it’s new clothes or back to school supplies.



We hope you enjoy the latest updates to the Bing Shopping experience. Check out the video below to see the product in action!

– Cornelia Carapcea, Program Manager, Bing Shopping

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