Buy, hold or sell? Bing Finance can help you decide!

Since the launch of Bing, we’ve partnered with experts to bring you the best search results and help you make more informed decisions. Whether it’s Facebook and Twitter for the best social search experience, Kayak for comprehensive travel results or Fansnap for quick access to event tickets, our goal is to help you find what you’re looking for more quickly and help you make better decisions. Today we’re excited to extend this philosophy to Bing Finance: we are teaming with leading finance resources including Seeking Alpha,, TheFlyOnTheWall and to help you make more informed financial decisions.

Seeking Alpha

If you are one of those people who needs to stay up to date on the latest news from Wall Street, Bing Finance is the place for you. With the addition of Seeking Alpha, a leading stock market blog, Bing Finance now provides you with real-time updates during market hours and news you should know just before the opening bell.


Additionally, to enable you to make more informed investment decisions, we’re partnering with to surface real-time financial information into Bing. helps you stay up to date on every day conversations on particular stocks and markets.

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To track the latest updates and breaking news on a particular company, its competitors and its stock through the day, you can also get the latest updates from located in the “Latest Updates” section in Bing Finance. This lets  you stay informed and make quick and informed decisions.



With the addition of information in Bing, the data, tools, and analysis, currently only available to professional investors, is available to you. Ever wondered what affects the stock price of a particular company the most? What % of PepsiCo’s stock is Pepsi/Diet Pepsi? Now you have easy access to this level of information so you can make more informed financial decisions.

Not only do you get an estimate for a company’s stock but you can quickly access a comprehensive the entire analysis behind the price estimate in a visually engaging and interactive format. In a single snapshot, Bing lets you see which one of a company’s product lines or businesses impact the stock price most. In addition, in a fun, and easy-to-use framework you can modify estimates, test what-if scenarios, and ask questions to friends and experts. Now anyone can make better data-driven decisions, not just the professionals.


Compare and decide

Bing now provides a rich, comprehensive tool for users to compare stocks in one place. See how the stocks in your portfolio are performing relative to each other or compare performance of key competitors on various pivots – for e.g. earnings, news, analyst opinions, financials, stock history all together.


We hope you find these updates helpful when making important financial decisions. Let us know what you think.

Khushboo Taneja, Bing Finance

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