“Decisions with Mario Batali”: Bing and Batali Team to Help You Make Everyday Decisions in the Kitchen

Bing and Mario Batali are teaming to help you make everyday decisions in the kitchen with a 7-part video series entitled “Decisions with Mario Batali”. Whether it’s the merits of salt or the proper technique for tasting olive oil- “the lordly lipid”, the videos follow Batali as he imparts his colorful philosophies for choosing quality ingredients to create deliciously simple and healthy dishes.


Available exclusively at www.BingBatali.com, the videos were directed by celebrated actor and director Fisher Stevens and reflect Mario’s heritage with vignettes dedicated to the staples of traditional Italian cooking. Mario walks viewers through what to look for when choosing bread, cheese, meat, fish, salt, vegetables and of course olive oil.

Check out the rest of the videos at www.bingbatali.com.

Buon appetito!

– The Bing Team

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