Bing Feature Update: Share Your Dreams with Bing Travel Wish List

If you’re like me, you probably have a long list of places you’d like to visit in your lifetime. I bet your friends and family have their own lists as well. But up to now, there hasn’t been an easy way to share these dreams with your friends and see what travel aspirations they have.

Bing Travel Wish List is a Facebook app that provides both armchair and active travelers a way to track, share, and compare their travel goals with friends on Facebook. You can also suggest new destinations for friends, get friends’ advice, and find more information about any destination through Bing Travel.

Here are some of the things you can do with your Bing Travel Wish List on Facebook:

  • Create a list of places, activities, and/or attractions you want to visit.
  • See rich photos of your destinations and click through to Bing Travel’s Places pages to learn more.
  • Suggest destinations for your friends and ask for their recommendations.
  • Get and give comments
  • See a map of all the places you aspire to visit worldwide
  • When ready to plan and book your travel, go to Bing Travel’s main pages–destinations, deals, flights, and hotels.
  • Only your friends can view your Bing Travel Wish List on Facebook.

Bing helps you stop searching and start deciding. Create your Bing Travel Wish List today and let us know what you think. We continue to add new functionality to the application and welcome suggestions for additional features.

Happy travels!

Janine Perret

Bing Travel

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