The Bing for Mobile Browse Experience Gets Even Better

Today, we launched updates to the Bing for Mobile browse ( making
it easier for you to get and view information while on the go. New features in
this update include better and faster image search, real-time transit and
directions, app search for the iPhone, and more. Utilizing HTML5, the new
features are offered on Smartphone browsers for the iPhone and Android. If you
have a Windows Phone 7 device, don’t worry, Windows Phone 7 just announced that
it will support HTML5 later this year so these updates will work great at that

Now let’s take a closer look at the new features:

Transit Directions and Real-Time Transit

We just added transit directions to to make your daily commute and
weekend trips easier. We give you the duration of the trip based on walking,
transit and traffic information.

In addition, real-time transit information is now available for Boston, San
Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles – making it that much easier to get
around the city. The real-time updates allow commuters to see if public transit
is on schedule, early or delayed, with predictions for arrival times.

Image Search

We’ve improved Image Search making it faster and smoother, allowing you to
quickly search through thousands of images that interest you.


Get your shopping questions answered faster with the new re-organized
shopping experience designed to make it easier for you to get your shopping
questions answered, comparison shop, and discover product details and user
reviews while on the go.


Weather Update

We added Weather Autosuggest and Instant Answers to the search bar. To find
the forecast for your city, just start typing and Bing will give you the details
before you finish.


We also updated the Weather tab, to make it easier to avoid bad weather
wherever you are. With four different forecast views, you have the option of
seeing an overview for the day, an hourly forecast, a 10 day forecast or even
the current weather pattern on a map.


App Search

Have an iPhone and want to search for Apps? Now, when searching on
with your iPhone, Bing will return a list of relevant iPhone apps that fit your
specifications, in addition to the normal search results. This is a great way to
serendipitously discover great new apps.



Trying to decide what movie to go see this weekend? Now, when searching for
movies, Bing has organized them by time and nearest theatre, along with reviews,
synopsis, trailers and additional information to help you decide what movie fits
your mood.


These are the latest updates. We hope you enjoy and find these features
helpful while using Bing on the go. We value your feedback, so let us know what
you think.

Andy Chu, Director of Product Management Bing for Mobile

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