Bing Valentine's Search Trends: Cupid goes mobile

It’s that time of year.  February 14th is circled on the calendar, romance is in the air and people around the world are racking their brains to plan the perfect night out.  

According to a recent Bing consumer poll of 16-35 year olds, mobile phones are increasingly becoming a critical tool for Valentine’s Day.  We’ve captured some of the top findings and provided tips on how Bing for Mobile can help you maximize your romantic options.  

Interesting findings include:

  • Twice as many men say they will use their mobile phone to find the perfect romantic restaurant compared to women. Men are also more likely to use their handheld to buy a Valentine’s Day gift and a fifth of all male respondents say the key to a successful spontaneous V-day is keeping their mobile by their side. 
  • More men than women say they will wait until the day-of to schedule Valentine’s Day plans.
  • Nearly 50% of people plan to see a movie this Valentine’s Day.
  • For single folks in the mix, 14 percent of men ages 16-35 year old said they want to go out and try to meet fellow single co-eds.
  • Nearly a third of 16-35 year olds say they go direct to their mobile phone when they get lost on the way to a restaurant.

In fact, since Valentine’s day is such a highly searched and talked-about holiday, Bing teamed up with Digital Dating Experts and Co-Authors of the popular book Flirtexting, Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz to help survey takers and you alike with tips on how to plan the day. The best part is, you can use their tips to do all your planning with on your cell phone. If you’re trying to figure out what to do, where to go and how to get there, whether single or in a relationship, will help find your local hotspot restaurants, movies, bars and more. You’ll get key information about each place, like popularity, proximity and more to help you quickly make your decisions. So, whip up a fun and spontaneous plan on your phone, and quickly text it to your friends or significant other.

Debra and Olivia’s tips include:

  • If you’re a single guy and after a woman that you feel is out of your league, the best way to get her to go out with you on Valentine’s Day is to keep her in her comfort zone. Go to on your phone to find out all the local restaurants and movie theaters in her area. It would be hard for her to turn down a date if all the plans are only one block away from her apartment.
  • If you’re single, Cocktails + Gossip Girl + Girlfriends + More Cocktails = Best Valentine’s Day Ever. Invite girlfriends over for a night in of dinner, pink champagne, board games, and of course, Gossip Girl.
  • According to the Bing survey; if you’re in a relationship, romantic candlelight dinner tops the list as the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.  Whether you’re going out or making something at home, makes planning easy from quick local finds to romantic recipes for two.
  • If you’re in a relationship, try setting up a Treasure Hunt. Leave clues behind either in the house or in your neighborhood with things that he’ll need once he finds you, like a tube of chapstick, a phonkerchief, massage oil, etc. This is a fun way to keep your significant other on his toes and your date plans a surprise. Make the clues challenging so that he has to work hard to find you. Tip: Use Bing’s local search to find cool spots in town to leave clues behind.
  • When asking your Valentine’s Date out via text message remember to mind your Flirtexting etiquette: Smiley faces and lots of acronyms will get you nowhere, Keep it light and flirty and avoid emotional texts, Check your spelling, don’t text under the influence and while you shouldn’t reply back right away never wait more than a few hours before responding.



– The Bing Team

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