Bing National Tailgating Champion Announced!

Earlier today, 6 teams faced off to settle the question of which city has the best tailgaters in the nation.  In the shadow of Sunday’s big game, the Bing National Tailgating Championship showcased the best tailgating teams from across the country as they competed across four categories including team spirit, sports trivia, parking lot agility and cooking.

It is our honor to congratulate the Bulls Eye Tailgaters from Houston!   They received $15,000, the coveted Golden Grill trophy, and the right to call themselves Bing National Tailgating Champions! 


Over the past season, it’s been an amazing experience for us to see the passion, creativity and class displayed by the thousands of fans that show off their team pride and football traditions every Sunday.    A special thank you to Joe “The Commish” Cahn who brought his years of tailgating experience, plus a lot of humor and wit to the competition as the master of ceremonies and to Reggie Bush who served as final guest judge.

Again thanks to everyone who took part and we hope that the features that Bing offers helps you make the most of your decisions (game day or otherwise) down the road.  


 (Please visit the site to view this video)

If you missed our previous posts on the Bing National Tailgating Championship or would like to learn more about Bing features go great with football including Sports Compare, parking lot finder, local and events please visit


The Bing Team


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