Bing Trends: Top football search trends

Which player would you most like to watch the big game with? Who was the best
looking player on the field this season? What are the odds that you’ll be eating
Buffalo wings on Sunday? Which city’s team was searched most often?

Ahead of Sunday’s game, we delved into the search data and conducted a survey
to find out.

What’s more, we created an infographic to bring the stats to life. Click on
the image to see full screen and download.

Top Football Search Trends: We looked at the most popular search terms
associated with pro football over the course of the season. Here are some the
interesting trends:

  • If number of searches indicates who is going to win on Sunday, it looks
    like we’re going into overtime because the Packers and Steelers are neck and
    neck for total Bing searches.
  • Take heart Dallas. If making it to the big game was based only on Bing
    searches, we would be watching the Cowboys compete this weekend.
  • Brett Favre, Randy Moss and Michael Vick were in the top five most searched
    players. Looks like on- the-field success combined with off-the-field news can
    propel players to the top.

And the survey says:

  • While 39% said Tom Brady is the best looking NFL player, he came in second
    behind Peyton Manning in the favorite player category.*
  • When asked what player they would most like to watch the Super Bowl with,
    Peyton Manning received 55% of the vote.
  • 40% of people polled  rated Buffalo wings as their top football snack.

It’s been a great season. And hopefully Bing has helped you make the most of
it with our line-up of features including player comparisons and stats, taxi
fare calculator, weather, recipes, local restaurants and bars, parking lot
finders and more. Head over to to learn more.

– Danielle Tiedt, General Manager, Bing

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