Bing Feature Update: Compare Travel Destinations & More

Today Bing Travel is rolling out new improvements to our destination and hotel pages.

First up, we are updating our destination pages allowing travelers to compare multiple destinations in one view. Visiting Florida on your next vacation but not sure which cities are a must-visit? Compare multiple destinations on just one page with images, flights, hotels, weather, attractions, events, videos and more for each city.  In one easy view, you can decide whether Orlando or Key West best fits your travel style.

To check out the destination comparison feature:

  1. From the Bing homepage, click Travel.
  2. Once you’re on the Travel homepage, click on the destinations link.
  3. Hover over any destination to select cities to compare.
  4. Click compare and start researching your next vacation.

Also new today are updates to our hotel pages, bringing together all the best hotel information across Bing into one experience. Find a hotel rate, maps, nearby attractions and businesses, user reviews, images and descriptions all on one page. You’ll also find our Rate Indicator, which tells you whether the hotel rate is a deal or not.

To check out hotel updates:

  1. Run a hotel search on your favorite city from the Travel homepage.
  2. Click on the name of the hotel to view detailed descriptions and decide where to stay.

Let us know what you think of the new features.

– Kelli Stuckart, Bing Travel

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  1. AvalancheFX

    Loving the new features! Only suggestion I'd have is to add text labels (or alt/title text) under the AMENITIES section for each icon. While some of the icons are obvious, others are not. I notice that the alt/title text appears when performing a hotel search, but only an icon [without descriptive text] is shown once you reach the hotel information page. Thanks!

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