Eight cities, eight teachers, one goal – helping kids succeed

Each of us had a teacher who challenged us to be who we are today.  They pushed us a little harder.  They inspired us to do more.  They believed in our ability to succeed. 

To celebrate great teachers and to encourage people to get involved in a teaching across the world, Bing’s REDU initiative has partnered with the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) Foundation to help sponsor eight teachers for a full school year through the Teach for America and Teach for All International programs at www.letsredu.com/caafoundation

Teach for America and Teach for All International enlist our most promising future leaders to teach in urban and rural public schools.


These teachers are on the front lines of education reform and are critical to the development of the nation’s youth. REDU and the CAA Foundation are behind their efforts to positively impact the lives of young people in America and around the world. Reflecting the global need for great teachers, we are supporting educators in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Nashville, St. Louis, New Orleans, London and China.

Show your support by going to www.letsredu.com/caafoundation where you can learn more about each teachers through an inspiring video introductions and follow along throughout the year (by following @letsredu on Twitter) to get a true sense of the struggles and successes new teachers around the world face.  In keeping with REDU’s goal of inspiring direct action, you will find resources explaining how companies and organizations can sponsor their own teacher and start a similar program. 

– Aya Zook, REDU Team


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