Free mobile apps by Bing available today: Holidays 100 by Bing, Snowboard Hero by Bing, Powerboat Challenge by Bing

Over the past year, we’ve been working with a number of companies to sponsor mobile apps. As we continue to roll out advancements to Bing for mobile , we’re pleased to bring you 3 new apps available today, for free:

Snowboard Hero by Bing (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Strap on your board!  With Snowboard hero you are competing against an experienced snowboard pro, proving your skills on four steep runs. Negotiate breakneck speeds to be master of the hill.


Powerboat Challenge by Bing (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Get ready to race!  Customize your powerboat and go full throttle on a twisted river course. Pass the buoys and fill up your boost bar and to unlock additional tuning options. With the prize money you win, you can upgrade your boat with bigger engines, chip tuning, fatter turbos, spoilers and more.


Holiday 100 by Bing (Android)

With this application, top holiday songs like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” are streamed directly to your phone complete with album art. Get in the holiday mood as we stream songs directly to your device. This application is available through Jan. 2, 2011


Enjoy, these are on us!

-Wibe Wagemans, Bing for mobile

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  1. littlejohnjt

    Where's the WP7 love…kinda feelin' left out.

  2. hsvisor

    If these were on WP7, then they would be awesome!  Agreeing with littlejohnjt… where's the love?

  3. Aye Jaye

    Where is the WP7 stuff??? Kind of ironic that I need to own an Apple product to use a Microsoft one

  4. djstriker02

    This is sad, I use Windows 7 and have to wait for the apple fanboys to get toys before I do from the company that made the OS for my phone?

  5. Swiftnc

    I agree, where's the WP7 love… I also am kinda feeling left out.

  6. Drnod7

    Love? I don't care about Love. I want support. WE should be first on this list. #1. Early adopter = special treatment. Don't make us regret. We are waiting patiently for you to play catch up so we can brag with the rest. Man that's disappointing.

  7. Yardmanflex

    This is just a WTH microsoft…I am supporting your platform and you are not rewarding me for doing so….you give stuff to your competitor. SHAME.

  8. efjay

    Microsoft, what a bunch of clowns! Too busy sucking up to apple and google while they are actually making their own platforms better, yet ignoring their own users AGAIN!

  9. jefir

    If you don’t support your own platform I don’t why I should keep my WP7 !

  10. The Bing Team

    We hear your feedback loud and clear.    Please stay tuned for more updates from us on WP7.

  11. hareyan

    Hello Bing Team, would you please in one of these upcoming days make a blog post about the status of news webssites submitted to Bing News?

    I know you guys were not considering sites for months and perhaps just started to cosider them. So when a site is submitted last month, when will it be considered approximately? any time frame?

    Please forgive me for diverting from this topic. I did not know how else to contact the team.

    Thank you.

  12. stefan.r.g

    I know, what gives? Microsoft Bing yet again leaving Microsoft WP7 in the dark.

    I thought you guys all worked for the same company..

    Wouldn't you bet better looking into improving the Bing Experience on the WP7 platform (international support etc) rather than RELEASING GAMES???????????????????

  13. Rick007

    I dont belive this….. I dont see wp7 ???? I bought WP7 on the day it was launch in the market …….. I still have to wait in the que after iPhone ????????? Whats wrong MS ?? You will loose your Windows Mobile fans very soon if this thing continues….

  14. kayleigh50

    I too was surprised to see apps for iOS. Also I would have to agree with most of the comments…lol

  15. hotels

    These apps look good and fun.

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