Winners of the Bing Windows Phone 7 tweet giveaway

Last week, we asked you to tweet your favorite Bing features for chance to get your hands on a new Windows Phone 7.   Thank you to everyone who took part.   It was great to hear what you love about Bing.  Some of our favorites included:

  • @Bing I absolutely love the travel section of Bing! I can figure out different flight costs and times that it’s the cheapest #windowsphone
  • @Bing I love the new Bing Holiday Shopping app on Facebook. For easy search & compare shopping! #windowsphone
  • @Bing gets me the info I need quickly without needing to link surf. Bing powers my life on the go with maps and voice search. #windowsphone
  • @bing I love how my previous searches are highlighted at the top. I can click it if I want to repeat a search. #windowsphone
  • I love @bing because it is a combo of a visually pleasing interface (e.g. video search) and relevant, useful search results. #windowsphone

Congratulations to the 5 lucky tweeters who will soon be the owners of a brand new Windows Phone 7, Samsung Focus available on the ATT Network.

1. Stacy – Seattle, WA

2. Michael – New York, NY

3. Wadha– Sacramento, CA

4. Kerri– Clinton, MD

5. Sergej – Dallas, TX


Because this was so successful, we will be holding another giveaway soon.  So keep checking back.

In the meantime, keep letting us know what you think at

– The Bing Team

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