Jay-Z Decoded by Bing: Winners announced!

Thank you for helping to make history with Jay-Z Decoded.

The response has been amazing and we are happy to announce the winners in the Decode Jay-Z Sweepstakes from www.bing.com/jay-z.  The Grand Prizes have been officially awarded to Keisha T. from Northville, Michigan, and Latifah M. from New York, NY.


Keisha has won a trip to Las Vegas to see JAY-Z and Coldplay in concert this  New Year’s Eve and Latifah has won tickets for life to JAY-Z concerts!

We wish we could award all the fans page prizes for their participation; unfortunately, there are only so many pages to go around. It ain’t personal, just politics as usual.

– The Bing Team

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  1. Virtualawrence

    Seems to me this contest was pretty restrictive to New York residents being winners.

  2. The Bing Team

    @Virtualawrence The contest was open to all US residence. Players were able to find the pages online via Bing Maps or in the real world.

  3. stira_test

    Make sense Virtualawrence

  4. cjw

    I won (and properly claimed) a first prize, but still have not received the prize.  Bing Team, please ping me and assist.

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