Guest Post: Bing National Tailgating Championship Recap, New Orleans

The Bing National Tailgating Championship headed down to the Big Easy for this week’s regional finals. 



Congratulations to Drago’s Char Broiling Engine Oysters who claimed the right to compete for top tailgating honors in February.  The New Orleans’ natives bowled over fans and judges with their oysters, gumbo and etouffé.

If you’re in Seattle next Sunday, come out and join us at Qwest Field (North Parking Lot.)   Come see the tailgaters compete, get in mindset for the game and see how Bing can help make the most of your game day decisions. 

Joe Cahn joins us again this week to share his thoughts on his home town of New Orleans.

– The Bing team

Back Home and On To the Finish Line (Almost)

By Joe “The Commish” Cahn

Here’s what I had expected when we made our stop in New Orleans, my hometown, for the Bing National Tailgating Championship: amazing food, great tailgaters and that laissez les bonne temps roulez attitude.

Here’s what I didn’t expect: weather better suited for Omaha.

Wow, was it cold.

But, it didn’t put a damper on our time there at all. If anything, it got us all closer to celebrating an amazing team in the Saints and outstanding tailgaters.

Our judges, like every stop, knew that they were in for a real treat — and each team did not disappoint.

Tommy Cvitanovich and Drago’s Char Broiling Engine Company (with the New Orleans Fire Department) kept the masses fed. Oysters, oysters and more oysters. Oh, and there was gumbo and etouffé aplenty.

Kristen Preau and the Yum Yum Girls cooked up a jambalaya that had just the right amount of seasoning that kept us filled up and warm.

Scott Sparks and the Korner Krewe dished up some amazing stuff — including the Cajun Football. This, my friends, is something special — stuffed pork wrapped in bacon and smoked for two hours. We were literally in hog heaven.

Chris Henkhaus and the FeedYard Saloon went all-out, too. Cajun sausage, ribs — other delicious southern meats — fresh-cut potatoes and the piéce de resistance, a whole roasted pig. To most people, that would seem over-the-top. For Chris and his crew, it’s just another day at the tailgate.

Like every stop along the way, the competition was close.

Each of the teams gave their best but, in the end, Drago’s Char Broiling Engine Company and the New Orleans Fire Department came out victorious and will be heading down to Arlington, Texas to represent their city.

It was a true New Orleans celebration and smiles abounded. We’ve come a long way as   a city and never forget what inspires us — even in the face of adversity. You have to look no further than Chris and his team.

His setup tells a true, New Orleans story of resolve and love. In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, he salvaged what he could so that he could keep his tailgating on track. It was a challenge, but when you see what he was able to do, you can’t help but think about how much caring, dedication and love went in to it.

The homecoming for me was sweet — and delicious.

Now, it’s on to another homecoming of sorts — Seattle — the home of Bing.

It may be a little wet up in the Pacific Northwest but I can guarantee that nothing will get in the way of a great time.

– Joe “The Commish” Cahn

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