Bing Feature Update: Bing Movies streamlines movie search

Providing the best movie results for everyone who uses Bing is not an easy task. Many times, you’re looking for a movie because it’s received great reviews, has a mind-blowing trailer or is playing at your favorite theater.  Other times, you’re looking for a movie based on where you happen to be, or what time the film is showing.  And if you’re like us, it’s usually all of the above. 

This week we are releasing an update to Bing Movies, which introduces a redesigned interface that streamlines how you search and select  the movies you’re looking to watch.  Bing Movies organizes the top movie information within the new interface letting you go a step deeper based on your needs:

  • Showtimes: Our new Showtimes page makes it incredibly easy to see which movies are playing at theatres near you.  Instead of having to go from theatre result to theatre result trying to find movie times, with Bing Movies you pick a movie and are served the showtimes at the closest theatres in one snap.
  • Trailers: The new Trailer page provides you with the latest trailers, clips and interviews at a glance.
  • Reviews:  The Reviews page combines reviews from top critic outlets like the NY Times and LA Times with those from users, giving you a quick and comprehensive way to determine whether the movie is worth the price of admission.

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Nate Buggia- Bing Movies

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  1. PaperCopper

    How about intergrate Zune videos.

  2. hAl

    Seriously, in Europe we still do not even have the basic Bing navigation features yet.

    It has been 18 months now and in most of Europe we are looking are a totally empty set of features and an empty left navigation panel

    It is a joke that Bing is rolling out new features whilst most people in the world are unable to use these features.

    Bing is now an im[portat tool in shipping Windows Phone 7 but you can't use many of its localized features in the world making it useless.

    Get those Bing features out in the world wide before making new useless features that we also cannot see.

  3. stefan.r.g

    yeah.. BLAH.. lucky AMERICANS.. please Bing.. get more of your awesome features out to other Bing locations.. Australia, Europe, UK etc..

    do you know how frustrating all this is..

    you brag about new features. BUT WE CAN'T USE THEM (Including all the WP7 Features!!!!!!!!!!)

  4. hotels

    The Show times page provides good information and is very useful.

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