Artists unite for education reform at REDU HOMEROOM

As we highlighted last week, REDU HOMEROOM, a two-week fundraising exhibition featuring original art by five renowned artists is up and running in New York.   The featured artists: Scott Campbell, Neck Face, José Parla, Lucien Marc-Smith, and Luis Gispert are drawing from their personal experiences to produce works that inspire dialogue and action around education reform.




In Jeff Staple’s words, the message of the exhibit is, “you can become whoever you want if you work hard and have teachers that care about your progress.”


100% of the proceeds from the exhibition go to Donors Choose – an innovative cause that is driving change for schools

For those of you who couldn’t make the event, we are currently running a give-away on Twitter where you can win artwork produced by the designers.  To learn more and win, click here.

Or if you are interested in purchasing any of the artworks or merchandise with proceeds going towards education projects, please click here.

  – REDU

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Q&A with Jeff Staple: REDU HOMEROOM kicks off in New York

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