Play “Decode Jay-Z by Bing” for a chance to win a lifetime pass to see Jay-Z live

Jay-Z and Bing are proud to announce the addition of a final prize to the ‘Decode Jay-Z by Bing’ experience: The Jay-Z Lifetime Pass.

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To anyone who locates all of the pages online, we are adding the chance to win free access for you and a friend to every single Jay-Z show anywhere in the world for the rest of your life.

In order to be entered, you must first prove your dedication by cracking all of the clues and using Bing Maps to locate all of the pages.

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With ‘Decode Jay-Z’, Jay-Z and Bing have taken an unprecedented approach to publishing by literally releasing Jay’s book Decoded a page at a time weeks before it hits the shelves. From the projects where he grew up to the clubs where he found inspiration, each and every page has been carefully placed in a physical location directly related to its specific content.


In order to find these pages, fans use Bing Maps to uncover their exact placements after being led to the locations via intriguing clues about Jay’s life and lyrics. Answering all 400 clues is a triumph. That’s why players that crack every clue and locate all the pages online will be entered to win the truly extraordinary Jay-Z Lifetime Pass.

Contest closes November 20th, 2010. For your chance at this incredible prize, get to and get decoding.

Eric Hadley- General Manager, Bing

For complete contest details visit

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