One of many reasons to get your hands on Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is now available in the US. Our congratulations go out to the team for delivering an elegant and intuitive device. Not surprisingly, we’re excited by what the team has done with Bing on Windows Phone 7.

Here are a series of screen grabs that give you a sense of Bing on Windows Phone 7.

First, the team delivered amazing fidelity with the Bing Homepage. Get your daily dose of Bing beauty on-the-go.


With some common tasks like weather, Windows Phone 7 provides a slick view of weather data from Bing. Notice the beautiful fonts.


The Windows Phone team included access to some very useful task features including instant access to flight status.


Mapping is tightly integrated, including elegant navigation for driving and walking.


Windows Phone 7 has a great experience for finding local listings like restaurants and attractions.


And the team did a beautiful job bringing reviews into the business details.


As you can see, there is ton to want with the Windows Phone.


It’s great to experience Bing on Windows Phone 7- and hopefully it’s one of many reasons for you to go out and get one today.

– The Bing Team

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