Guest Post: The Commissioner of Tailgating on best football food across the nation

With The Bing National Tailgating Championship kicking off in Houston this Sunday, we invited Joe Cahn the nationally recognized Commissioner of Tailgating and master of ceremonies at the event to share his thoughts on the best part of tailgating– the food.


For those of you not able to make it to the games, a quick reminder that Bing Recipes is a go-to for inspiration for tailgate chefs of all skill levels. Whether you’re contemplating brisket or burritos, steak or salmon, or even gumbo- Bing Recipes has thousands of recipes from some of the world’s most accomplished chefs at your disposal.


Joe “The Comish” Cahn, The Commissioner of Tailgating:

Oh, I love a great tailgate- the fans in team colors, the grills smokin’ and the good times for all.   Yes tailgating – the party in the parking lot!  I have traveled all over this great land and have been in parking lots in every corner of the country. The best part of my job as  Commish is that they feed me!  Tailgaters of every team bring out their best to make sure everyone has a good time and plenty to eat.

I’m thrilled that we’re embarking on our first Bing National Tailgating Championship. We’re hitting six cities for regional competitions and the winner of each will get to go to Dallas/Ft. Worth (OK, Arlington, Texas) to compete in the biggest tailgating final round on the biggest stage at the biggest game in the world on February 3rd.  It’s great to have Bing along for the ride — because they are going to see (and taste) what real tailgating is all about.

So, what am I looking forward to in each city?

In Houston, I just know that there will be some amazing brisket. And the tailgaters in Houston are considered among the very best.

In Denver, it’s going to be Rocky Mountain delicious. I’m thinking that steaks might rule the day at Invesco.

In New Jersey at the New Meadowlands, I can’t wait to get my fork in to some Italian fare. I also have a feeling that the grills are going to be going full tilt.

In Phoenix, I can’t wait to get my hands on some real, authentic Mexican food. I can already taste the spice.

Down in my hometown, New Orleans, you can bet that etouffé, jambalaya and the rest of the Cajun and Creole world will come together in one delicious celebration.

Up in Seattle, my mouth will flat-out water for some smoked fish — not just salmon, but tuna, oysters and other delectables from the water. Oh, and I’ll get to meet more of my Bing friends on this stop — which will be a real treat.

Then, it all culminates in Fort Worth where we’ll be crowning the first Bing National Tailgating Championship winner.

And it is going to a great party in the parking lot!

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