Bing is Fashionable with Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s The Row

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen have long been part of the style and fashion industry and on October 3rd they will be unveiling their spring collection of The Row, their luxury apparel and accessories brand at Paris Fashion Week. And Bing will be there to bring you exclusive content from their show and will be the official search engine for The Row.

Now for those of us that can’t wait to see the latest trends for spring and love to see the behind the scenes of the fashion world, launching today there will be a sneak-peek video of The Row’s Fashion Show in the making – including never-before-seen scenes from their studio, current sketches, casting models, and a preview from Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen.   


Following their runway show in Paris Bing will premiere an exclusive short film featuring an intimate look at The Row’s atelier, exclusive backstage looks from The Row’s runway show, footage from the runway, and a live interview with Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen discussing their fashion and design inspiration. The short film will be exclusively available on

Bing and The Row share a commitment to visual beauty which combine for a unique partnership.  We hope that together we can bring the magic of Paris Fashion Week online and help you to experience the beauty of The Row’s latest collection.

Lisa Gurry – Director, Bing

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  1. parsonsproject93

    I dont' think anybody who reads this blog is interested whatsoever in Mary-Kate Olsen and the Paris Fashion Week.  I'm sorry Bing, :p.

  2. cellhub

    Wow It is great news, that bing enters in fashion industry, & it is the great start for attract users for this industry.

    Thanks Lisa for this Post.

  3. mariomowlae

    I agree with you. John

  4. hotels

    This is good news to hear.

  5. bouka55

    not that am a big fan of them, but I remember them when they were kids, hard to believe they're all grown up now!

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