Climbing to New Heights with Eric Larsen

It is hard to believe that Explorer Eric Larsen has begun the last leg of his Save the Poles expedition, which has taken him to Mt. Everest. Earlier this year Eric completed the first two legs of his journey to both the North and South Pole and now has started his accent up Mt. Everest. We joined Eric shortly after his South Pole Expedition and have been fascinated with his findings and thrilled to be a part of his quest to both raise awareness to the issues surrounding climate change and to educate us on how we are impacting the planet.


You can find information on Eric and his expedition at, read the latest news and discussions about his expeditions on Newsvine, engage with his community on Facebook, track his progress through Twitter or follow his climb through his journal entries and videos on his website

There is a lot that can be learned from Eric and other explorers like him, and we hope that you are able to follow him during this last leg and maybe be encouraged to learn, explore and follow your passion.


Kristin Meldahl – Bing

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