Earn rewards for searching and exploring with Bing!

When we launched Bing over a year ago, we set out to shake up the search market and try new and innovative approaches to improve the search experience. We’ve been pleased with the positive feedback we’ve heard from customers, and humbled to have seen some great momentum in our early months. We’ll continue to explore new approaches to search and interesting ways to engage users and increase awareness of Bing features.

Today marks another step forward in that journey, with the launch of Bing Rewards. Bing Rewards is a new program that gives you opportunities to earn credits—redeemable for great rewards—for searching and exploring online. Join and discover all the ways Bing helps you make faster more informed decisions. We’re launching a preview of Bing Rewards in the US and look forward to collecting user feedback to help shape and improve the program.

Similar to other loyalty programs (grocery stores, frequent traveler programs, credit cards and more) Bing Rewards is a great way to get rewarded for doing what you love to do online—searching, exploring, and discovering. And while you can redeem credits for cool stuff, you can also use your earned credits to give back – allowing you to donate your credits to education charities.



Once you join Bing Rewards you’ll regularly receive offers available via your Bing Bar. Offers may include searching on Bing, trying Bing features, or simply learning new things about the world. As you earn credits, check out the Rewards redemption center where you can redeem your credits for a wide selection of rewards including Microsoft Points (rejoice Xbox, Zune, and Games for Windows users!), charitable donations (including DonorsChoose.org ,Teach For America, and Summer Search), gift cards, and more. The Rewards redemption center provides hundreds of items, with new rewards being added regularly.

To get started join Bing Rewards today!

Danielle Tiedt, General Manager, Bing

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  1. JohnCz

    Will this work without Bing Toolbar?  I want to keep my IE9 Beta clean looking as possible.

  2. cellhub

    Wow thats the great news. thank you Danielle.

  3. hoppn_jalapeno

    will this work with fire fox?

  4. chiribom

    Look at simple web custom search engine build on Bing API.

    Address is http://www.MiniBing.com

  5. Blackpool UK

    This sounds great, thank you.

  6. hotels

    I just had a look and will be signing up.

  7. amd098

    works with firefox :)

  8. celtictattgirl

    has anyone else experienced extreme system slowness after installing the bing bar?

  9. carlosfernandes223

    DOes this work in the UK?

  10. darkstarmatryx

    I've experienced the extreme slowness.  My Question is has anyone received any rewards yet?  I placed the redemptions for microsoft points but haven't recieved anything thing accept for the initial comfirmation email.

  11. tomcoulton

    with the few points you are getting each day, it will take close to a year to get anything good. heck buy then I could save the money and just buy the stuff.

    I understand you do not want to give items aways left and right, but at least give people a chance to get a big item soon.

  12. ne cede malis

    Hey, you're getting stuff FOR FREE. Quit whining.

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